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    Problem BlueScreen (Sudden Reboot) during Installation (WinXP SP2)

    Mike-SBG Lurker


      I tried to install the VMware Server on my PC.



      The Installation works fine, untill "registering services" than the machine reboots. I saw that some other people on total different hardware types (so I don't think that it makes sense, when I post my hardwareconfiguration

      There where many ohtiner hints like turining off firewalls, antivirus programs and so on, but no solution. But even with uninstalled firewall and other malware protection system I had no success.



      Has anybody solved this problem or can anybody tell me, what's exactely going on, after Starting the services.




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          As I read your post: your installation of VMware Server is what is failing, not a guest installation? What version are you installing? Do you get any errors logged in your System Log? Do you go to a Blue screen and if so what error code(s) are you getting and if no Blue screen, turn off Automatically Restart in My Computer properties and see what kind of errors(s) you are getting. Have you looked at the minidumps? Have you run memtest86 and/or Prime95 lately?



          Good luck, John.





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