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    Your Runtime License has Expired

    gskern63 Novice


      I have a customer who downloaded and installed the 60-day Trial of ThinApp... by the 45th day or so, she liked it so much that she had



      already virtualized about 3 dozen or so Apps... The License file was, of course, the Trial license...






      Well, she just purchased and received her ThinApp "real" License, but not before the Trial one ran out...  So now, every time she launches



      a ThinApp'd app, she immediately gets a small screen that says, "License Error:  Your Runtime License Has Expired"... She can only



      click "OK", and that's it... Nothing else...






      Where can I tell her to go, to input the new Production license file that she has just purchased, so that all her Apps "work" again?



      Is she just hosed?  Will she have to re-virtualize all those Apps again?









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          hapco Novice

          She will have to rebuild the application using the licensed version.  She doesn't have to recapture the app she only needs to rebuild it.

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            gskern63 Novice

            The documentation is not very clear on exactly HOW to "rebuild" an application.  How is that done?

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              hapco Novice

              After you have activated your copy of ThinApp to the licensed version all you will have to do is run the build.bat on the capture again.  Then move the contents out of the bin to wherever you are using your application from.  That should have you running again.

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                gskern63 Novice


                OK here's what I did:



                1.  The entire APP is in a folder named "Firefox 3" (this is the entire App as originally virtualized)



                2.  I had copied the App (the entire Folder) out to her USB drive... That's where she was launching it from



                3.  So I copied that WHOLE FOLDER back into my VM's "temp" Folder, where ThinApp is installed



                4.  I double-clicked "Build.bat", which just flashed real quick and then... nothing else...



                5.  So I copied the contents of the "BIN" folder from that WHOLE FOLDER into the USB folder of the same name where she's trying to run it from (and said "YES" to overwrite what was already there)...






                NO GO...  Still getting "runtime license has expired"



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                  hapco Novice


                  Did you enter your serial number into the virtualization packager to "license it".  Without that step you are never going to get it to work.  Your safest bet would be to uninstall Thinapp from your virtual machine.  After completely uninstalled, run the installer again and install.  This time during installation be sure to enter your virtualization packager serial number.  After this is complete copy your firefox folder into the captures folder and run build.bat again.



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                    gskern63 Novice


                    The XP Pro machine that I have ThinApp installed on -- the LICENSED Version -- is a WMware Workstation VM, and so it is a completely



                    CLEAN machine with nothing (beyond basic XP stuff) except ThinApp 4.0, fully licensed, running on it...






                    So I just need to know precisely how to "rebuild" her Firefox app, given what I've already tried, above... Running the "Build.bat" doesn't seem



                    to do anything at all... a very fast (probably DOS) screen flashes by, and then... nothing....






                    You probably know this, but the default install of ThinApp does NOT put a "Captures" folder there... That folder only gets created



                    when you've actually run a Capture...






                    So back to the point... How can you take a CURRENT Package that is not Licensed and "Rebuild" it using the newly-Licensed version



                    of ThinApp?



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                      gskern63 Novice


                      AH, ok... HERE's how you do it:



                      1.  Go to your "clean"  VM where you have the  LICENSEDThinApp version running



                      2.  Navigate to the "ThinApp" folder (probably this:  C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware ThinApp ) and MAKE a Folder named "Captures"



                      3.  Copy the entire FOLDER in question -- the App that no longer works.. the entire build -- into that Folder you just made named "Captures"



                      4.  On that same VM machine, jump out to DOS and CD your way to the Captures folder and then into the App folder you copied there;



                      5.  In the root of that Folder (the whole App build folder), there should be a file named "Build.bat"... right there in DOS, just type that ( build.bat ) and watch it go






                      Just to prove it worked, now go to the BIN folder of the newly-rebuilt App, launch the main EXE, and it should launch... No more "runtime" stuff...






                      Thanks for your help hapco!



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                        hapco Novice


                        The reason it seems to build so fast is that it is using the build cache to build the application.  As it is going through the build process it creates a cache of the build.  This allows for a quicker build on subsequent builds.  That much sounds good.  If you would like you could clear out the build cache.  It is stored in the AppData\Local\Thinstall\BuildCache folder.  Just clear out the contents of that folder.  Then run your build again.  You will see that it will take longer this time but I am afraid you are going to run into the same issue.  It sounds to me like it is not recognizing the fact that ThinApp is licensed. 



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                          hapco Novice

                          That is how I meant for you to do it before.  No need to use dos to run the build.bat though.  Sorry if my instructions were not clear.

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                            THiNFREAK Novice

                            the build cache WONT exist as it was run on a VM. VM deletes all files and revert to original state when turned off, unless user capture the state...