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    XP VM will not restart following a suspend

    Paul Thomas Master


      I'm using Vista ultimate 64 as a host and have 2 XP Pro VMs and a Vista 32 VM.



      I have a problem with one of the XP VMs, before I reboot the host, I suspend all 3 VMs, ensure all disk activity has stopped and then restart.  Every time I do this two of the VMs restart fine, however the same XP VM fails to start and I get the following message.



      msg.checkpoint.resume.fail:Your virtual machine did not resume because of an error. If you believe the error is correctable and you want to preserve the suspended state so you can correct the error after the virtual machine is powered off, select Preserve. To discard the suspended state, select Discard.



      If I choose preserve and then try to start again, I get the same message, so I have to choose discard.  The VM then starts fine, obviously the suspend state has been lost.



      If I suspend this VM, and then start it again, without rebooting the host, I get the same problem.



      The VM giving problems is at hardware level 7, and has the latest VMware tools installed. 



      Any ideas what is causing this, and how to resolve it?









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          Paul Thomas Master


          I've managed to resolve this, but do not understand what caused the problem.



          Initially I found the XP VM did not have the hibernation option set, however changing this made no difference, and the working XP VM also had this off. (They were both cloned from the same source VM)



          I then shut the VM down from windows, and on the host renamed the directory XPvmem.lck to XPvmem.lck.old, and XP.vmsd to XP.vmsd.old. The VM then started ok, I suspended it and started it again and it worked.  The suspend also seemed a lot quicker tha t was.