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    I can no longer clone a VM in Server 2.0 RC1 that I could so easy under beta 2

    kidgarrett Novice


      Hi peps!



      My objective: To simply clone / copy a VM and create another VM. I believe this is achievable, and have created dozens of them, by simply copying the .vmdk file. 



      Before RC1 was issued, I could simply follow these 5 steps in "VMware Server 2.0 Beta 2" that allowed me to clone a VM to create other VM's:



      1) Copy main *.vmdk file to temp directory



      2) Rename file to that of the new, required VM



      3) Create a new VM, point new VM at the vmdk file in the temp directory 



      4) Once new VM is created, move *.vmdk into relevant new directory



      5) Edit *.vmx file to change the path of \temp to the new folder name - start VM.



      But if I follow this now, the VM just BSOD every time. What has changed?



      Is anyone else having the same problems?






      Any help is welcome as starting to thinking I have imagined it all working before hand! lol