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    Adaptec CIM and server health

    matthewk Enthusiast


      ESXi looks interesting, but I'm very concerned with monitoring my RAID array. Since there's no Service Console, I can't install Adaptec Storage Manager (ASM). Does the current revision of ESXi support monitoring Adaptec 5 series SAS cards? If not, what comparable card would have support?



      Just to clarify, I'm not asking about driver support - the 5 series is on the HCL - I'm concerned with monitoring in case a drive needs replacement.



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          At present, only LSI based RAID controllers (MR/IR) are instrumented to monitor the health of the RAID controller.

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            matthewk Enthusiast


            How much information does ESXi provide about the controller? Can you go as far as creating RAID LUNs or initiating rebuilds or is it limited to simple monitoring?






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              VMware developed a set of CIM providers for LSI controllers which support passive health monitoring only, starting in 3.5 GA.  The current VI client health monitoring tab is based on these providers.


              In ESX 3.5U2 we have added a new set of CIM providers developed by LSI themselves which support full management of the RAID controller at the API level, however those are considered experimental in the current release.  The new LSI providers support MR based cards, and operate in the "lsi/lsimr12" and "lsi/interop" namespaces.  I don't believe there are any RAID management GUIs available yet, but I'd check the LSI web site for the latest scoop on what they have to offer.




              If you're comfortable writing python scripts, you can use libraries such as the pywbem library to access the new functionality.


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                jamie.macisaac Novice



                I'm not very familiar with LSI's product range. Is there somewhere I can find a list of MR/IR based RAID controllers, or is there a way to determine this from the product model number?




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                  sbholmes Lurker



                  Do you have any idea when Adaptec RAID controllers will be supported?  Am I right in thinking that without this support, I've got no way of knowing the health of my hard drives and RAID array so ESXi is not something I would want to be using in a production environment with an Adaptec RAID card?





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                    ESXi includes basic Adaptec RAID card support (ESX device driver) but is currently lacking management capabilities (requires corresponding CIM provider). We are expecting to include an Adaptec CIM provider in a future release, once it becomes available from Adaptec. Please check with Adaptec as to their specific plans and timing for VMware ESX CIM providers. Daniel

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                      DSTAVERT Guru
                      User Moderators

                      It would be nice to have some idea of what CIM providers are in the current release. Is there a list?

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                        jiths Enthusiast

                        I think the present support is only for LSI(both IR & MR cards) and DELL PERC controllers. Most of the vitulization supported DELL and IBM server are coming with one of  these controllers by default. The HP SmartArray controllers and Adadptec controllers are not having any CIM providers available now, but rest all functionalities works fine.

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                          jamie.macisaac Novice

                          Only the more recent PERCs will provide management support - the PERC 3/Di is listed in the I/O Compatibility List and works OK, but I can't get any management information out of it in ESXi.


                          Considering the age of the adapter (we got it in 2002) I can't say I'm surprised I don't get management information out of it. I needed to have Open Manage installed to get storage information from it when ESX was installed.

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                            Bolgard Hot Shot


                            I really need that CIM provider from Adaptec! Hope they will release it soon. Anyone got a date?



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                              hhedeshian Novice

                              Ditto. It's a shame that I can't manage my 5805 with ESXi. I tried to manually install the storage manager by extracting the RPM and the post-install scripts but the default 180MB ESXi partition is just plain too small.


                              Why on earth would you support LSI before you support Adaptec?

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                                Bolgard Hot Shot


                                If you got that far you could try installing the Adaptec command-line utility (ARCCONF) instead of the Storage Manager. It might be smaller?



                                If you try it, let us know



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                                  Bolgard Hot Shot

                                  This is what the Adaptec support told me regarding CIM provider for Adaptec cards:




                                  Adaptec will possibly introduce support for ESX-i around the middle of next year, but these plans have not yet been finalized.


                                  Sorry we were not able to help.


                                  Best Regards,

                                  ADAPTEC Technical Support,"

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                                    bek99 Lurker

                                    Has anyone tried to install any of the command line management utilities?    I gave it a quick shot, but it complained about additional libraries being needed and I really am not familiar with the vmware shell console enough to want to deviate to far. (am fluent in unix/linux however.)


                                    Looking at  afacli a bit, but it looks like it requires libstdc++ and prob. others..



                                    Anyone daring?























                                    Update- I dared.  I had an embedded version of esx installed before for some reason.  Installed afacli utils, ran the makedev for the controller and I'm able to manage the raid, it's just not done very pretty.

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