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    UPS & ESX - HA/shutdown Question

    davecon Novice



      I have a question regarding UPS shutdown and HA on ESX 3.02


      We have 6 ESX hosts, all running Production VM's from a SAN. The system is powered through an APC Symmetra unit.

      I have managed to Install  APC's Powerchute network shutdown on all ESX host and it seems to be running fine. At the moment i cannot fully test UPS shutdowns as the system is in use.

      I will be able to test and run through shutdown/power failure scenarios in the next few weeks, but i would like to know if anyone has set this up and what solutions you have used?

      If I set each host to shutdown using PCNS, will the HA start migrating VM's if one host shuts down faster than another? This could get very messy if the hosts shutdown at different times.

      In this case, would i be better off using the Powerchute software inside each VM, and then waiting for all VM's to go down before the ESX hosts are shutdown?


      I have seen people using scipts etc.. but I am not confident enough in Linux scripting to trust everything to work!

      Ideally, i would like to be able to just shutdown each host, and not have to do anything inside the VM's. In this case, the ESX host would get a shutdown signal from the UPS, then cleanly shutdown each VM and the power off the host.

      Has anyone set this up (and tested) without having to spend days creating and testing scripts?

      Any help/info would be much appreciated! Thanks.