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    Upgrading VM Hardware Task Failure

    mm-isa-pa Lurker


      I migrated a VMware Workstation 6.0 Workstation to my VMware Server RC1 server and attempted to upgrade the VM hardware.  The task never completed (it is displays at 0% complete and never changes).  I cannot remove the VM from the inventory to try and add a bacvkup of the original VM back onto the server (If I go to highlight the affected VM in the inventory and go to Virtual Machines the option to remove the VM is greyed out).                   I tried to re-upgrade the VM hardware, but I get an error stating the hardware upgrade task is already running.  I do not see a way to caremove the affected VM:






      Host:  Dell PowerEdge 1600SC



      CPU:  2 x 2.8GHx Intel Xeon CPOUs



      RAM:  4GB



      Disk: Local SCSI HDD (100GB)



      OS:  Windows 2008 Server (32bit)



      VM : Windows 2003 Server (32bit)






      Any help would be apprecaited.