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    General System Error

    BKuhl Novice


      We recently had a power outtage and after bringing everthing back online, I was no longer able to start any of my VMs under VMWare Server.  I would receive a "General system error" each time I attempted.



      After some searching I determined that I was running the expired Beta.  I then downloaded the current RC1 (Build 101586 according to Help \ About), un-installed the Beta release and installed the new release.  Unfortantely I am still receiving the same error. 



      Does this error only indicate that the Beta expired or is it a symptom of some other issue?



      Also, I noticed some oddities with my license keys.  I made sure to record the license I received when downloading the latest RC1 but everytime I try to enter it I receive a "Configure License Source" error stating "The uploaded license content was not valid."  Is the license I am receiving compatible with RC1 or am I receiving an out of date license during the download process?



      Thanks for any help,






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          BKuhl Novice


          Well, I have some further information.  I took a VM that was not previously on this server and moved it over.  It starts cleanly and generates no errors.



          I then took one of the of the VMs on this server which generates and error and moved it to a different VMWare Server.  It generated the same "General System Error" on that server.



          Whatever my issue is, it appears to be specific to the VMs themselves.  I know that they were shutdown incorrectly because I lost power and the UPS ran out of power.  Is there some way I can salvage these VMs?  I certainly do not want to rebuild these hosts if there is any possible solution.



          Thank you....



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            Peter_vm Guru

            In virtual machine configuration editor, advanced settings, enable logging.

            Power on virtual machine (or attempt to do that) and post/attach "vmware.log" that you can find in guest directory on physical host machine.

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              BKuhl Novice


              What is odd is that even when i enable logging at this time, it is not creating a new log.  It appears that it has not written anything to the log since some point yesterday, probably right after the power loss.



              I am including that log should there be any relevant information from that time.  I have attempted to restart the VM many times since that update was written.  I checked the log of the test VM I copied over to this server and it is creating updated logs.  Be aware this log still reflects the Beta install, since then I have upgraded it to the RC1 release.






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                Paul Thomas Master

                Do you have any *.lck folders for the VMs that won't start?  If you do, try renaming them (delete them later if this works) and then try starting the VM.

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                  BKuhl Novice


                  Well, that seems to have done it.  I know I had moved them out of the VM folder yesterday in attempt to do the same thing.  Apparently it took some convincing after moving the files out as I had to reboot the host several times, and even had to go into the VM Configuration and change some settings to something new and then back. 



                  I cannot explain why this would be necessary, but I can confirm that it even after the first host would start I was forced to open and resave the configuration and then perform ANOTHER reboot before the second VM would start cleanly.



                  Thanks for all your help,  BKuhl