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    The VMware ESX Server does not have persistent storage

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      Any assistance would be appreciated.



      Issue: Rebuilt an ESX host (from scratch) and once I added it to Virtual Center I am now receiving the following message "The VMware ESX Server does not have persistent storage". This server is 1 of 5 in the cluster. The data storage is comprised of LUN's from the SAN. This host see's the the data storage in VC (See attached image) however if I run /vmfs/volumes from the console it does not see any data storage volumes. I can not add any data storage because VC already see's them all.



      Do I right click on each data storage lun that is populated in the VC and click 'remove' and then readd them? If I click on 'remove' I receive a warning stating that "This operation will permanently delete all the files associated with the virtual machines on this datastore.". That is a scary message.