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    Extract data from VMX file to excel

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      I want to know if there is a way to extract data from .vmx file to say excel worksheet, I have almost 100 VMWares spread across 3 host servers.



      A script would be helpful as I can then schedule to run once a week and get all the details I want in an excel worksheet rather than opening each .vmx file.



      I am using VMWare Server Console 1.0.3









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          I believe if you're using VMware ESX, you would be able to use Powershell and SDK to pull out the information you require and build up a spreadsheet, I don't know if the SDK/Powershell can talk to VMware Server VM's.






          Another method would use shell scripts to parse out the .vmx configs and outputting that to .csv format with the output layout that you would like that to be in and convert it to full excel speadsheet. This can be cron'd everyday or whenever you wanted this to run on a daily basis. If you're looking to just inventory your VMs, you could look at veeam reported, but again, I think most of the 3rd party reporting tools are made for the enterprise product "ESX and VC", though you could take a look



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            Please close this thread asI have moved onto VMWare ESXi therefore no longer using VMWare Server.



            If there is a similar need will open a new discussion in the right discussion forum