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    Another cry for a Mac client...

    ptgvmware Novice


      With a lot of administrators and developers switching to the Mac.  Having a remote console on the Mac is ever more crucial.  I know you can use VNC and RDP or radmin to access the box.  But, there really is a need to be able to do every basic admin task on a Mac like you can on all of the other platforms.  I do use Linux and Windows both natively and in VMWare Fusion, but it would be essential to have a Mac remote console for easy access.  BTW, when are the VMWare guys going to treat the Mac platform seriously?  I have a Mac Pro with plenty of memory, 8 cores of processor, and a block storage device with RAID 5 that runs as fast as RAM with the capacity of a harddrive.  I am dying to see a real VMWare Fusion server with remote SSL access similar to VMWare Server 2.0.  And, yes I will pay for it.  Currently, under VMWare Fusion on the Mac Pro, I can comfortably run 10 copies of Windows Vista at the same time, alongside OpenSuSE, Sun Solaris, while simultaneously burning a CD, streaming music from 3 sources in 3 separate VMs with 3 different OSes, and watching and recording EyeTV on the host all without missing a beat and a single skip.  VMWare that's power that is waiting to be tapped.



      A Proper Mac remote console is only right.  It completes the circle with VNC, RDP, VMWare and a real command line that can easily SSL into UNIX/Linux and run X Windows all natively.