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    A couple of bugs with VMware Server 2.0 RC1

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      I encountered a BSOD after installing VMware Server 2.0 RC1.  The BSOD does not point to an error with any vmware driver itself, but rather finds a problem with T21Sony.sys, the flash media reader driver.  Each time I rebooted the BSOD would recur.  This driver had been stable for about a month on this notebook.



      I am running Windows Vista Ultimate x64, so I realize this is an unsupported configuration and I am only reporting this in case it is useful to the development team.  I am running on a Sony Vaio VGN-NR285E, which is a core 2 duo T5450 processor, and 4 GB RAM.



      To solve this problem for myself I rebooted into safe mode and uninstalled the the flash memory driver, then booted into normal mode and repaired VMware server 2 RC1.  I don't use the flash media socket so I won't miss having a driver for it.



      Another unrelated problem is that I am running Avast anti-virus (home edition 4.8.1201).  Avast detected some of the files (vmx86.sys and one other) as possible rootkits.  I simply told it to ignore the files in the future, but you might want to work with them to avoid having your files detected in this way.



      Since I'm not depending on an answer to this submission, I may or may not check back on this forum.  If you need any additional info please email me.



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          itsme2003 Novice

          I wanted to add that I will look for an updated flash media reader driver, but that the one that I had was the most current as of a month or two ago.  I also want to add that Sony does not provide 64 bit drivers for this model and that I was using the driver for another model which seemed to work OK on this notebook.

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            Thanks for the info. I've filed bugs internally to track both of these issues.

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              I was unable to create my own thread so I'm posting this here since it seems somewhat fitting.






              I encountered a very interesting "bug" while using RDP and VMware console.  Our Terminal services manager is set to automatically log out a remote session after 1 hour, and I had been RDPing to a vmware host because the guest is on a different NIC with a firewall that does not allow direct RDP to the guest. 






              Long story short, after some testing it seems that if you have a RDP session to a VM host end while you have the WebUI console open in that RDP, that server will automatically go into suspend mode.  We've tested several times, and with the same results everytime.  The WebUI events tab and the windows 2k3 event viewer had an exact 2 minute difference between the warning from the host, and the suspension of the guest. This server was production and was used for a web server, so we noticed the issue right away.




              Anyway, not sure if it's a "bug" but thought I'd mention it anyways.