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    Poor network upload speed unter W2K8 X64 Enterpise

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      I have a  Windows 2008 Enterprise x64 Server with VMServer 2.0B2 installed. I encounter a performance issue while uploading data to the internet. I never had higher rates than 300kbps. (The physical line has 1M). Exactly the same virtual machine under a trial version of Workstation 6.0 has a good (accepable) performance, when running on my desktop (Vista Ultimate). So I tried to install Workstation on my 2008 Server and I suddenly had the same slow network upload speed.So i was confused and tried Hyper-V.With vmdk2vhd I converted the VM and the network speed was instantly great.


      Are there any know registry "hacks" e.g. modifications I have to do? The network chipset on the host is an Intel 82566DM. (jep, desktop hardware-> pure test environment.)