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    Storage VMotion of independent.persistent disks and physical compatibilty RDM

    Guillir Enthusiast

      Hello Guis


      We all know that SVMotion uses snapshot technology to move virtual disks from one datastore to another.

      We all know that a default SVMotion procedure move all Virtual disks as well VM Home directory and all other VM files.

      We all know that independent virtual disks and RDM in physical compatibility mode can't be snapshotted.


      With this last information, we could conclude that SVmotion independent.persistent virtual disks and RDM in physical compatibility mode couldn't be made, right?


      No official documentation that I know says something about limitation on making SVmotion with one of those type of disks.

      On official requirements, we can find: "Virtual machine disks must be in persistent mode or be raw device maps". And both those types meet that requirement.


      If my mind is still working fine, I can say that I've already moved one running independet.persistent virtual disk. (95% of sure)


      So, my question is: Can I SVMotion a RDM in physical compatibility mode?


      *People with pratical expirience, please, share the expirience with us!


      *People with test enviroments, please, make these expiriences and share the results with us!


      *VMware Engineers (or Developers Engineers), could you clarify this question? and also add it to the documentation


      Best Regards!

      Guilherme Schäffer