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    Upgrade from ESX 3.0.2 -  ESXi or ESX 3.5?

    taylorb Expert

      We've got a pretty stable 3.0.2 farm that I am thinking about upgrading to 3.5 sometime later this year.   Can someone point me to a good document or thread about why I would choose ESXi or just ESX for the upgrade?  It seems like unless you go embedded, why bother with the ESXi. Maybe I am missing something.

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          Hi Taylorb,



          if you need to install special software or agents on the service console such as: HP SIM Agents, Navisphere agents, Solution enabler, ecc agents etc. etc.



          or modify specific files in the service console os, the ESX 3.5i os is not an option at all.. because there is no service console vm anymore.






          take also in account that mixing 3.5i and 3.5 in a VMware cluster is not supported and that hardware monitoring software for example with HP SIM is not yet fully functional.