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    Backup a virtual cluster in a box

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      Hello All,



      I have to backup a virtual mscs cluster in a box solution. To do some testing. Because i cannot use snapshots for this configuration i have to find an alternatiev solution.



      I created some disks with disktype eagerzeroedthick. around 100GB of data.



      i backed-up the .vmdk files with : vmkfstools -i diks1.vmdk -d thin /vmfs/volumes/backups/disk1.vmdk



      now i only save my used data.. because now 90% of the 100GB is not used.



      to do a restore i can use the existing backups and inflate the disks also with vmkfstools



      the only problem left is, how can i check if the disktype is still eagerzeroedthick or how can i change the disk to that disktype without dataloss