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    ESX 3.5 iSCSI and VLAN question

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      Good day,


      We are setting up a new ESX cluster in one of our offices.  We decided to go with the Dell/EMC AX4-5i iSCSI SAN and we have some questions about why the SPs would be setup in 2 different VLANs and how to configure the VMKernel ports for the iSCSI initiators.


      Here is our host network configuration - 6 NICs, 1 for the SC, 2 for Production VMs, 2 for iSCSI, and 1 for test VMs and VMotion.  We have 2 hosts currently.


      According to Dell/EMC the SP storage ports should be located in two different VLANs - e.g. SPA0 and SPB0 in VLAN 10 and SPA1 and SPB1 in VLAN 20.  However for NIC/switch port failover, the vmnics in the host need to be in the same VLAN since only one IP address can be assigned to the VMKernel port. 


      We have no access list control between the 2 iSCSI VLANs so currently both iSCSI VLANs can talk to each other and to the service console VLAN.


      I have the hosts seeing the LUNs presented and the iSCSI vmhba scan see all four paths to the SPs storage ports so I believe everything is configured properly.  Currently both ESX hosts iSCSI initiators are in one VLAN.


      Here are my questions:


      . Does anyone know what the technical reason would be to split SPs ports across VLANs if the SP ports are already physically connected to two different Ethernet switches?

      . Should I put both hosts VMKernel ports in one VLAN (e.g VLAN 10) or put one host on one VLAN and one on the other?


      Thanks in advance for the help.