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    Comprehensive listing of typical VMWare 2.0 Beta 2 performance tweaks on Win2008 host

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      Greetings to all,



      I'm running a Win2k8 x64 host with 16GB of RAM, VMWare 2.0b2, and three Win2k8 x64 guests.  Performance is OK but nothing to be really impressed with.



      There is a good body of knowledge on how to tweak VMWare 1.0 (MemTrimRate, etc.) but I'm wondering if all that applies the same with VMWare 2.0b2.  I've implemented most of the tweaks I used to use with 1.0, but they didn't cause the same degree of speedup that they did with the 1.0 product.



      Does anyone have a comprehensive listing of all the typical (and maybe not so typical) tweaks used on 2.0b2 VM's?  Has anyone done any testing to see if there are measurable performance increases?



      And does anyone have any idea when we can expect the next beta?