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    High memory usage on host

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      I have browse over all post and I haven't found anything similar of what I have as memory problem.



      My host is a ProLiant DL580 G2 with 2 Intel Xeon MP 2Ghz with 4Gigs of RAM.   This host has Windows 2000 Server with all patches installed.  I got VMWare Server 2 Beta 2.


      I had no problems at all before and 3 days ago, one of my guest VM (Windows NT 4.0 SP6 single processor) was running fine and now it takes all assigned memory (512MB).



      This guest in task manager has 0% of CPU usage and 100MB of used memory.  Starting 3 days ago, now samething on the guest, but on the host, the memory usage is at 594MB constantly for that specefic VM.  I had 1024MB before, so I just minimized it to 512MB to see if it will be better, and nothing better, my host can just have better performance for the other VM.


      My guest is really fast, I have no problems with it ..that's why it's strange...the debug mode is totally off for that guest.  Also, when I look into the Web UI, I can see that my VM is taking 30MB of RAM and 0% of CPU usage...that is weird!  It's only in Task Manager of my host that I can see that this guest (vmware-vmx.exe) is taking 594MB constantly.


      I got other guest on that host and the memory usage is normal in Web UI / Host task manager and guest task manager.


      Can somebody have any clue of what it could be?  3 days ago, the only thing I have done on that server is to use VMWare converter to import another VM that is not related at all with this guest...  After that I started having problem only with that guest!  I have also rebooted the host to see if it could fix the problem, but nothing ...there is no much VMware settings that I could try except the Debug mode to switch off that is already done.



      Thanks for your future help!!!

      Really appreciated,

      Philippe Millette