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    Quad-core support???

    Zenoran Novice


      Hi guys -



      I've been using this lovely new beta for a few months now running VMWare server 2 (beta) on Vista x64 Host with Windows Server 2008 (x64) Guest and Ubuntu Desktop (x32) at the same time with some fairly good results... I recently upgraded my hardware to an Intel quad-core q6600 and upped to 8gb of RAM to feed the hoggish Windows.. and I must say, performance is AWESOME on the quadcore but I do have a question....



      Does VMWare Server 2 actually use all 4 cores?  I noticed in the settings for the vm you can select the # of cpu's... it only goes up to 2.. is that relational to the cores on the host machine or is that just some kind of a simulation within the virtual machine?