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    LANDesk System Management features not working on VM

    blund Novice


      The feature which do not seem to work correctly are:


      • Realtime Monitoring / status from LANDesk Server Manager Web Console

      • View Remote Event Logs from LANDesk Server Manager Web Console





      2 LANDesk Core Servers LDMS/ LDSM 8.8 running on Windows 2003 Server hosted on a ESX Host.

      The 2 Core server are on different ESX hosts. Each ESX Host has several VMs.

      Remote agents /clients are physical systems whic are Windows 2000 Serversand Windows 2003 Servers.

      These agents connect to the core server via a frame relay circuit.



      The problem has been duplicated on VMWorkstation



      Are there any known problems / compatability issues associated with VMwares virtual network technologies and the above features?



      Any recomendations on tuning of ESX VM or Virtual Network to resolve these issues would be appreciated.