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    Toooo Sloooow on 64-bit Linux host

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      My host OS is the 64-bit kernel (RedHat) on a dual quad-core box with 12 GB or RAM.  So I know I've got plenty of hardware resources.  I'm running two VMs -- an X-64 version of XP Pro and and the regualar 32-bit version.  Both have two CPUs assigned and 1.5 GB or RAM (someone on the forum suggested that reducing RAM to 1.5 GB woudl reduce thrashing).  I'm running with max res (2048 by 1536) on the display and I've got logging disabled.  I've tried all the suggested fixes that I could find on this site in order to boost performance -- short of reducing res to something useless, but it's still dog slow.  Lag Lag Lag.  I'm a bit of a Linux newbie, so I am probably overlooking something.



      Any suggestions?