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    Slow port forwarding through NAT

    CreepingD Lurker

      Hi there


      As a starting vmWare Server (1.0.5) user I've set up the following:


      Host: Win XP Pro SP3

      Guest: Win XP Pro SP3 with abyss web server


      The guest has 2 network cards:





      I wanted to use the guest as a webserver so I forwarded port 80 to the guest os, but... this is working really slow.


      Why do I want it this way? I want to run multiple guests, but IP addresses cost money...



      (NAT - the guest accessed through the forwarded port on the host) SLOW (I get arround 15KBps) (Bridged - the guest accessed directly) FAST (I get arround 1MBps)


      Any idea what's wrong here?