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    VMware Communities Roundtable podcast #1


      Announcing ...


      The VMware Communities Roundtable podcast


      Some folks you might recognize got together this morning for what I hope will be the first of many weekly discussions. The goal is to cover interesting virtualization topics and news from the past week here on the VMware Communities and on various virtualization blogs. We then record the phone call and make it available to you!


      Attending today were:








      Some of the topics we covered were the Orlando Virtualization Forum, new xtravirt Virtual SAN, understanding snapshots, security in the Service Console, and making apples-to-apples comparisons when evaluating virtualization platforms.


      To listen to the show, and for more links and information, please head over to the show notes on VMTN Blog.


      Thanks to everybody who joined in. We'd like to make this a weekly event, so let us know (1) if you liked it and (2) if you have any topics you'd like to see covered.


      Have a great weekend!