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    System keyboard won't accept input on ESXi 3.5

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      I am evaluating the ESX server 3i installable version 3.5.0 build 82664 on a Dell poweredge 2950 with bios version 2.2.6.  Initally during the installation I had problems with the server accepting input from the keyboard, though I did mangage to reboot and install it.


      After installing it, at first I was able to use F2 (I had to reboot a few times) to get into the configuration menus using F2.  Now for some reason I can not get in at all, even with a reboot, the system ignores keyboard input.  The VI client connects to the server with no problems and I am able to configure and run virtual machines.


      I am able to run linux or access the Dell bios from the console keyboard without problems.  The keyboard is a USB device which is the only type of keyboard supported by Dell for this server.


      At first I suspect a problem with ACPI power management, but there is no config menu for this in the bios on this server.


      Any ideas?






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          Is the USB keyboard directly attached ? Did you try a different one ?



          vmkernel log should mention if the keyboard was discovered.



          Is there a BIOS setting for legacy keyboard emulation ?



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            Thank you for the suggestion.  I just finally solved the problem a few minutes ago.  It appears that the VMware hypervisor does its own IO to the USB keyboard, without going through the bios (there are no PS/2 ports on the dell servers) and may not find or work properly with all USB ports on the system.  I had previously plugged the keyboard into a USB port on the back of the server (which worked fine when I booted linux).  When I connected the keyboard to a usb port on the front, it worked properly.