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    Where is "Virtual Network Editor"

    mrcuongnv Lurker


      I have just installed VMware 2.0 Beta on my Debian box successfully.



      I need to use "Port Forwarding" to forward a port form the host to a virtual machine. But I cannot access "Virtual Network Editor" because I could not find it.



      I read the User Guide and they said about that tool. Could you please tell me where it is?



      Thank you so much!



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          RDPetruska Guru
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          In many of the products (I believe it's only in the current Workstation 6.5 beta), the Virtual Network Editor is for Windows hosts only.  Linux hosts must re-run the vmware configuration script to get to the network customization part.

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            rfreytag Novice

            The 'vmware-config.pl' script offers minimal prompts for configuration unlike Virtual Network Editor.  Is there a thorough guide how to configure VMware Server networking options somewhere?  Stuff like 'port forwarding' to a NAT'ed VM in VMware Server are trivial with Virtual Network Editor on Windows but just not clear how to do on Linux.  Much appreciate pointer to a good doc on how to do this on Linux.

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              rhsoftware Hot Shot

              harry@srv-rhsoft:~$ sudo cat /etc/vmware/vmnet8/nat/nat.conf

              password for harry:                                   


              ip        =                                    

              netmask   =                                    

              device    = /dev/vmnet8                                      

              activeFTP = 1                                                


              timeout   = 60



              1433      =

              81        =

              82        =

              222       =

              223       =

              224       =

              225       =

              226       =

              227       =