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    What hardware do you most wish ESX supported?

    rmrobert Enthusiast
    VMware Employees


      I'm interested in hearing what hardware you have that ESX doesn't support.



      I'm mostly interested in NIC controllers users would like ESX support for and also SCSI/SAS controllers, but feel free to mention anything else.






      The more information you can give the better, such as linux module name and/or PCI VendorID and DeviceID (output of lspci -nn on linux or ESX)






      I'll go first:






      04:00.0 Ethernet controller : Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8053 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller 11ab:4362 (rev 22)



      In Linux this is the "sky2" driver.






      After we get some responses, I may put up a poll where users can vote for which devices they want support for most, but first I must establish which entries to put in the poll.  Feel free to mention a device multiple times- we want get a feel for which devices to prioritize based on usage, not just a list of every possible unsupported hardware.



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