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    Studying for VCP

    ablej Hot Shot

      I am starting my studies for the VCP. I have taken the bootcamp class through VMware. My question is how long on average did everyone put into studying for the VCP  and what resources did you find valuable?

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          mbanusife Novice


          Personally, I studied every topic on the blueprint outline, and used the practical experience I had to take the test. It seemed to help that I had run into most of the troubleshooting problems that were presented on the exam.



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            aguacero Hot Shot

            Fortunately I had the work experience as my background.  I did go thru various guides (admin guides, quick installs, etc.).  Most others were from experience.





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              azn2kew Champion

              VCP is all about product specifications and best practices with legitimate hands on experience would give you a passing score of 70.  I suggest you read all the admin guides on vmware.com and know details about specifications as good as basic command lines.  You should at least work with ESX environment for 6 months to familiar yourself with the exam.


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                ckperry Enthusiast


                I have always preferred to build a home lab for some actual hands on practice when studying for a cert exam.  Doing this for VMWare is a little more expensive than some of the others but I think it is worth it.  I've started a thread in the cert area covering building a home lab if you would like to check it out.






                Good luck!