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    Graphics problems in 2.0b2

    johnkristian Novice


      I'm testing out Windows server 2008 in VMWare server free 2.0b2 on a WinXP sp3 hostmachine and I have big problems with the graphics. I don't know how to explain it properly, but the text/images get smeared out if I scroll in a window.

      See screenshot for example.


      Is there any way to deal with this?

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          Nudist Novice

          Im getting the same thing happening on my Macbook Pro and VMware beta. I have only tested it running the app 3d Studio Max under Windows XP Professional host. (Doesn't appear to happen on Windows desktop) and only with my bluetooth mouse, not the trackpad. Here's a screenshot. I have the bit depth set to 16 bit and the screen resolution set to 1680x1050. Happens on both the laptop screen and an external monitor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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            johnkristian Novice

            I tried to set hardware acceleration on full in the guest-os, but it didn't help.


            Edit: or... it helped a bit, but it's not allright yet.

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              johnkristian Novice

              ...But setting it on "none" solved the problem completely for me!

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                Nudist Novice

                Nope tried that. 3d programs need to be full acceleration

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                  johnkristian Novice

                  Ah.. true!

                  But I don't need it running windows server 2008

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                    captmiddy Enthusiast


                    I had that problem as well and added this line to my advanced configuration options:






                    svga.enableOverlay false






                    This must be done with the virtual machine off, but if you go into the virtual machine, select configure vm, then the advanced tab, at the bottom you can add an entry to the configuration.  Add the entry above by putting svga.enableOverlay in the top line and FALSE in the second line, and start up the virtual machine.  The display corruption shoudl go away.  This comes from another post somewhere on the forum.  Hope this helps.









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                      Nudist Novice

                      i couldn't find the config VM dialog but Im assuming that regardless it involves editting the VMX file which is stored in the virtual machine package. You mentioned something about putting the value FALSE on a separate line to the variable name but Im sure it should read svga.enableoverlay = "FALSE" like the other lines in the file. In any case I did quit Fusion VMware edit the file and relaunch. Problem still there but as I said I can use any pointing device trackpad mouse or bluetooth multi-button mouse (BMBM) in windows and various apps include Itunes and Firefox. BUT moving the BMBM inside the 3d Studio Max app leaves 'corrupted images' trails.


                      UPDATE: Spent the last few days trying a few different things. It appears to be a configuration issue with 3d Studio Max running under Windows inside VMWare fusion. For the record if anyone is using an app and experiences mouse cursor problems (cursor acts like an image eraser), consider configuring your app to use OpenGL (driver). Hopefully someone will find this advice useful.