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    Complaint about partner support - Partner: CESA, Country: Costa Rica

    EduardoQuiros_AIS Lurker





      In the  last couple of days, we have been trying to contact one of your partners here in Cost Rica, CESA, to explore the options we have to buy support for a VMWare Server installation we have in the Company. They have been repeatedly denying to talk to us, arguing that the VMWare Server product we have (which is available for free), is illegal software if we use it.






      We require support to troubleshoot a performance problem we are experiencing in a VMWare Server installation we have on a 4-Quad Core machine. We are even open to consider additional options, such as getting ESX, if it is that the technical support recommends us so.






      However, it has been impossible to talk to this partner.






      It is clear that CESA is completely unaware of the product offerings you have.












      Eduardo Quiros-Campos / Project Manager / ArtinSoft