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    Start of vm hangs at 95% in both web ui and vmi client

    gwa74 Novice

      I successfully used VMware server 2.0 beta on windows xp 32-bit as a host OS.


      Now I want to use vmware server 2.x beta on Vista 64-bit on 64-bit hardware but when I power on an existing or new virtual machine, the status says "powering on virtual machine" and the status goes up to 95%. The console does not show anything except "powering on".


      I cannot power those hanging machines off. If I try, a message  "TaskInProgress: Operation failed since another task is in progress" appears.


      The vm itself seems to come up. I can log on to a win-xp vm through remote desktop.


      Checked services - all vm services are running. Stopped windows firewall for testing without success. No hint in any logfile. Filesystem permissions on the datastore and all affected directories and files is also fine.


      The install instructions say that for the time being only Windows SERVER systems are supported to act as host OS. But I thought since it ran on XP it should also on Vista.


      VMWare player runs fine, thus the virtual machines themselfes seem to be ok.


      Any idea what to fix/check or any hint how I can get VMware server (1.x or 2.x) to run on Vista 64bit as a host OS ?


      Many thanks in advance



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