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    CPU is running 100% on Host and 1% on guest

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      I'm a novice here and I'm learning how to use VMware products.  I used the VMWare converter to import an old Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server that has 4 CPUs. (x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 8) with 2.4Gig of RAM.  My host has Windows 2000 Server with 4x XEON(TM) MP CPU 2.00GHz with 3.8Gig of RAM.  I have 2 other VM running on this server and they are running fine without taking to much of my host CPU ...actually nothing because my 3 VM are suppose to be idling because they are for testing now.


      I don't know exactly which information to write down here to have some of your help...but I'll say what I know after looking in the community.

      My 2 first VM are running fine on idle.  One is Win NT 4.0 Server (not TS) and the other one is running Win 2k Server.  In my VMWare Infrastructure Web Access, when I look at my third VM (the one with WinNT 4.0 TS), the CPU is running at maximum.  I only gave 1 CPU to this VM.  The Win NT was installed for multi processors, (I think they are 4x485Mhz...) so I thought it was OK to just put 1 CPU of 2GHz.  I even tried 2 CPU, but I got my 2 host CPU that was running at maximum.  So after reading some posts, I disabled the debugging options "Record runtime information", but I still got 1 on 4 CPU of my Host running at maximum for that VM.  That VM is taking over 700MB of memory ...my 2 others on idle are taking less then 100MB ... Also, when I look at my task manager inside this VM, it's totally idling at 1% and takes 110MB in memory. 


      Does someone can give me some sugguestion to try with this or explain me more what I don't understand?


      Thanks for reading my post,