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    VMware Academic Promotion

    Daryll Master

      Hello all,


      VMware is pleased to announce a special program for the benefit of faculty members.


      For a limited time, VMware is offering faculty members a free copy of VMware Workstation.


      In return we ask only that if you appreciate the product and its capabilities, you recommend VMware products to your colleagues and students, feature the VMware logo on your website, and generally endorse us.


      In the next 45 days, we'll also be providing participants with a referral code. This code will both provide your colleagues with a 5% discount off of VMware Workstation and provide you with 15 VMware Points when they purchase it on our web site. Approximately every 6 weeks, we'll send you a statement of your points earned, at which point you can redeem them for various product and merchandise.


      Register to get your Free VMware Workstation!


      To obtain your free VMware Workstation, please sign in as a new registrant at:




      so that we may verify your status as a faculty member.


      Please contact:




      for questions.


      Best Regards,


      The VMware Academic Team