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    Installing VMWare 2.0 Beta 2 on Windows 2008 x64 host

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      I just finished a bare-metal install of Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition x64 on a new test server.  It's a Tyan S3950 AM2 Opteron (dual 2.2GHz cores) with 8GB of RAM, Areca RAID controller, and two 2x150GB RAID1 arrays with WD Raptors. After installing Win2k8, I turned on RDP, disabled the firewall, and added the file sharing/print sharing role.  Then I installed VMWare 2.0 Beta 2.




      At the end of the installation, I lost my RDP session.  This usually happens when VMWare is installing its NIC drivers and the RDP reconnects with it's done, but this time the RDP session never came back.  I killed it and tried to reconnect, but it fails.  I can ping the server.  Drive shares work.  But no RDP at all.  I can't get to the VMWare web console remotely either.  It works fine on the local console.  NETSTAT-AN shows a listener on TCP 3389.  I'm kinda stumped.  Has anyone else run into this problem?






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          Well, I get to answer my own question.  After much thrashing about,

          I went to disable/re-enable RDP.  Oddly enough, the RDP dialog box

          warned me that I still had to make an exception for RDP in the

          firewall.  It shouldn't say that if the firewall is off, so I go to

          check and...whaddayaknow!  The firewall is back on!






          Now the weird question is how the firewall got turned back on. Did

          VMWare do it?  Did installing some of the Win2k8 updates do it?  No way

          to know.