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    VC 2.5 U1 upgrade:  disable HA/DRS or not

    Jae Ellers Master


      I remember when we updated VC to 2.0 we were advised to disable HA and disconnect the ESX hosts to make things go smoother.



      Any similar voodoo required for the 2.5U1 Update?  We'll be going from VC 2.0.2U1 to 2.5U1.



      I'm testing in the lab now, but since the test scenario is more limited than our production environment any tips would be appreciated.




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          lamw Guru
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          Makes sense to disable HA, as you'll be bring Hosts in/out as you do 1 off upgrades, so you won't get the complaints. Once it's done you can then re-enable HA and it'll be configured all at once, unless you want to see all those messages pop-up about limited resources.

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            mike.laspina Virtuoso

            That's exactly what I plan to do. There are to many things that can mess you up if it's running. I had issues with it in the test lab. Some of the issues were just human error but it gave me a little wake up call on how sensitive it can be.


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              kjb007 Guru

              First thing I did before attempting upgrade was P2V my vc box into a vm, after I shut down vc and sql.  Then I took a snapshot of said VM before turning sql and vc back on.  Then, as already stated, turn off ha/drs, and then attempt the upgrade.  Make sure you have enough empty disk space, I would say 2-3 times your db size, just in case.



              At least, that's the way I did it, and mine went pretty cleanly.



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