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    Linux host, Server 2008 guest and RDC

    Tim A Lurker





      We're running Windows Server 2008 as a guest on Fedora (32-bit), everything runs fine, performance is acceptable but we're encountering an issue...



      When someone logs in using RDC resource usage seems to skyrocket to the point that active tcp connections in the guest drop, now this isn't a standard windows issue (at least not as far as I can see) so that seems to indicate it has something to do with resource allocation by vmware.



      The host is under minimal load and has plenty of free ram and swap so it does not appear to be a lack of resources issue.



      Can anyone offer any possible solutions to this problem? The dropping TCP connections are quite a problem for us, especially considering a largish number of RDC sessions are started throughout the day.



      Solutions which don't require restarting the virtual machine would be most preferred but fixing this performance issue is of course quite critical so minimal restarts are understood.