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    Is VMWare free or not?

    MPSilva Lurker



      I heard that VMware is not free, but in VMWare site I find all type the information saying that VMWare is free.


      I installed:


      Product: VMWare Server Console

      Version: 1.0.5 build-80187


      Is this program free?



      1.2 "GPL Software" means GPL software licensed to you under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation (GPL). A copy of the GPL is included on the media on which you received the Software or included in the files you downloaded, if you acquired the Software by electronic download.




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          francois.tiers Hot Shot


          VMware Server is free, but you can buy the support (gold/platinium)...






          If you want you can buy, VirtualCenter for VMware Server,with this produc, you can manage one or more VMware Server



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            It depends on which product you're talking about, and what you mean by "free". For example, Player and Server are available at no cost to you; in contrast, ESX, Workstation, and Fusion cost money.


            Some people make the distinction between no-cost-to-you free and heres-the-source-code-have-fun* (* - possibly plus some restrictions) free. We might have a couple modules or tools covered by the GPL and which fall in the second category, but our products in general are not GPL'd.