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    VMWare Server 2 Beta 2 - Slow guest host install

    RobHeilman Novice


      I have installed VMWare Server 2 Beta 2 build 84186 on a clean Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64 machine.  I installed from tarball and everything went smooth.  I am currently installing Ubuntu 7.10 AMD64 as the first guest OS and it is rediculously slow (5-10 minutes for opperations like selecting the FS/partition type that usually take under 10-30 seconds when using a CD.)  The NFS server is also more than capable of serving this data a Gb speeds.  The host OS has 75%+ free mem, 95%+ free CPU, etc.  Both the standard datastore and the datastore where I have my ISO are both mounted via NFS to the host OS.  While I let this finish, I have a few questions:



      1.  Should I remove both of the repositories as local and re-add them via the web-gui as NFS instead of local?



      2.  What is VMServer doing differently by knowing that it is a NFS mounted "datastore"?



      3.  I built the guest vm with a single SCSI 20GB drive, preallocated space, did not split into separate files.  Should I change this?  The onboard drive is SATA attached to a Broadcom HT1000 controller, but the datastores are mounted via nfs so I figured there shouldn't be a significant difference in SATA/IDE for the virtual drive.  The virtual CD is IDE.