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    How to report a monitor panic as requested by the software

    davidbertoni Lurker

      I'm running VMware workstation 6.0.3 build 80004.  I keep getting a virtual machine kernel stack fault with a recently-built Solaris 10 64-bit u4 virtual machine.  When I enable debugging for the VM, I get a dialog box that asks me to report the problem.


      Unfortunately, I don't have a support contract, and I don't want to purchase one just to report a problem.  In fact, the text in the log states: "We rely on your feedback to improve the quality of our product. Please submit a support request that describes the problem at our Web page "http://www.vmware.com/info?id=8". Do not forget to attach the log file..."



      So, if VMware is really relying on my feedback, I would like to provide it.  Can someone advise me on how I can do that? I have attached the archive file created by the support script.