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    High CPU usage for Linux guests (not windows guests)?

    leenooks Lurker

      Im wondering if this is normal? (If no, why do I change?)



      Ive just installed beta 2 on an AMD 9600 Phenom (quad core), under CentOS 5.1 x86_64. The host has 4GB of RAM.




      I started my guests (4 linux and 1 W2K3) and all the linux ones show a CPU usage of around 15-25%, the W2K3 guest shows 1%. The linux guests are not doing anything, the just run an LDAP server, a web server and pretty much nothing else. Running "top" inside the guest shows <1% CPU. Why are the linux guests so high . (The linux guests are i386 of CentOS5 and CentOS4).



      When I started the guests, the load average on the host went up to 20 until I shutdown the webAccess (it now hovers around 2). webAccess seemed to want 300%+ CPU. I noticed the high loadavg and webAccess CPU usage as the guest response was chunky...




      (I've turned off debugging in the guests - and confirmed that vmware is not running vmware-vmx-debug).




      BTW: I used to have these guests running on a single core AMD CPU, also running CentOS 5 i386. The load average averaged around 3 on that host (it was running VMware Server 1.0.3).









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          ihudak Enthusiast

          in "Beta2 boot slow" discussion rbosch suggested: "did you try going to "Configure VM > Advanced" and disabling "Record runtime information"?"

          And also have you updated the vmware tools? did you updated the kernels of the guests after the last update of vmware tools? If yes did you rerun vmware-tools-config.sh of Linux guests?

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            leenooks Lurker


            Interesting results...



            With all the guests, I have disabled (unchecked) the "Record runtime information" and "Unable logging". With one of the linux guests I checked the "Support VMI Paravirtualisation" but it didnt seem to make any difference.



            With the VMware tools. All 3 Linux guests are running VM hardware v6 and the latest tools (vmware-config-tools) was run after the latest tools was installed.



            The Windows guest however, is running VM hardware v3 and an old VMwareTools (most likely from 1.0.3). So its interesting that it is only using 1% CPU and the others are using considerable more.



            Do you think this is related?



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              leenooks Lurker


              The linux guests CPU usage seemed to be related to the 1000HZ tick problem. I updated to 2.6.18-53.1.4 and added divider=10 to the boot option, which has bought down the average CPU to around 1-4% when idle. Im seeing loadavg < 1 now for my 5 running VM guests...



              Much better