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    ISCSI LUN Sharing

    mail.vijayar Enthusiast


      Hi All,



        Im using an HP AIO storage box and have created a ISCSI LUN and im trying to mount it on both of MY ESX 3.2 hosts, the issue is teh ISCSI lun is mounted on one ESX host at a time and both cannot acces the LUN at the same time and hence VMmotion is do able; kindly let me know if ISCSI LUN can be used as a dtata store for VMotion.









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          Santhosh_vmware Expert

          Hi Vijay,

          Vm's on  Datastore created on Shared ISCSI LUN can be vmotion' d. BTW How are  you trying to access the LUN from both ESX hosts at the same time ?.

          Create a datastore from one of the ESX host ,once done ,just scan the storage adapter on the other ,you should see the newly datastore from the other host as well




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            mail.vijayar Enthusiast


            Hi Santosh,



               We have not yet installed the VC yet, even though we had purchased the enterprise version of ESX we were using it as stand alone as we were waiting for teh SAN box, we have teh VMkernel configured though.



              Does Vmmotion needs to be enabled before this and VC installed before the hosts can share the ISCSI LUN.









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              christianZ Virtuoso

              For Vmotion/migration you need VC server installed. W/o you can share the lun but you can not migrate(hot/cold) any vm.