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    How to associate VCP# to my profile?

    lelardeux Lurker





      I join a compagny which is VIP partner. I passed the VCP VI3 exam when I was to another compagny. I got my certificate from Vmware, with the VCP# and welcome kit. But how do i attach my VCP certification (more exactly VCP#) to my new profile. There is a field, but it is not editeable.



      How do I attach/join both together?



      I can't figure out how to do this.



      Thanks for your advice









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          weinstein5 Guru


          I assume you are referring to PArtner Central - who is manager of your company's VIP Partner Central needs to notify VMware that you are now working for the new company and that you are a VCP -



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            ITTamer Novice

            OK, that is fine. I am the VCP and I am also the manager of my company's VIP Partner Central. I still do not see where I can add a VCP (much less any other person) to my company.


            Can you provide detailed instructions for this activity or a link to any available guides?



            Thanks, Marcus


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              AndreTheGiant Guru

              There isn't a way in Partner Central (or Partner Network).

              You have to send the request to VMware with "Contact Us"



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                vJerry Novice


                Hi There,






                Send a mail to VMware Partner Network partnernetwork@vmware.com and provide them your login id  for the partner portal, also your VCP number.



                Please do a request in this mail for connecting your VCP number to your profile and company.



                This worked for me.















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                  ITTamer Novice


                  Thanks Andre!



                  I have the VCP and partner profile worked out now. But I still am having a problem getting my communities profile changed.



                  You see, I no longer work for this company but in order to log in to my communities profile I have to use the email address from the old company. I have sent email to the communities manager but have recieved no response. I imagine they have a lot heaver load than partner and education, and don't bring any cash in like partner and edu do.



                  Should I give up?


                  Thanks, Marcus




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                    AndreTheGiant Guru

                    Try to write with the right email, and explain the problem.

                    Maybe also the trainging center where you take the course can help you.



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                      blautens Novice

                      Dohh! I have a similar issue - I got "registered" with my corporate email address for the ICM course and my ICM completion certificate shows up there. But I already had a Pearson/Vue account, and I passed the VCP410 today, but that's not the same email address.


                      Granted, I sort of know this stuff can happen, so I'm always careful to use the email address I've had for 15+ years for everything I actually care about (I heart pobox.com - well worth the money), but somehow our administrative assistant got my ICM tied to the $#&% corporate email. Seriously, not to whine, but I like it when your email address isn't your user ID or unique identifier.


                      Or, in this case, if they require you to take the ICM training via instructor led class (plus passing the VCP410, obviously) to get the VCP certification, you'd think VMWare (or Pearson/Vue, on their behalf) to be a little more diligent about trying to tie those two requirements together for the client, who's most likely shelled out $3k or so  to try and get the VCP certification. Plus more than a few hours studying, WAY more than a few...that could have been billable...or better yet, spent with family.




                      I guess I'll email VMWare.


                      But hey, the good news is...406 on the VCP410, and a weekend with the kids!

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                        SAR1124 Novice


                        Congradulations.. Well done.. How is the exam, Just a hint, currently I am studying my VCP410 and would like to know little further. please help.









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                          blautens Novice


                          I'm not sure I should be giving advice. But I can tell you what I did (besides take the class and study the written materials) - I sort of followed the suggestions I found from everyone else:






                          1) Know the VCP on vSPhere 4 Blueprint (see below)



                          2) Know your minimum requirements



                          3) Know about HA, DRS, vMotion, Storage vMotion, the requirements, and the interaction (if any) between them. Don't gloss over DRS (resource pools, etc.)



                          4) Some hands on knowledge to help you answer some of the questions by (if nothing else) eliminating incorrect choices. I'm lucky in that respect in that I deployed a vSphere 4 environment on production hardware (decent hosts, networking, SANs, etc.) 2 or 3 months ago without putting it into true production until this week. It gave me plenty of time to pound some of the practical knowledge in.






                          The first one is really the key - if you can look at the Blueprint and basically speak intelligently about each topic, that's really the entire exam. They aren't kidding when they say "blueprint". That being said, the blueprint alone doesn't help you memorize stuff - I wish it were that easy. But if a topic isn't on the blueprint, I don't think it's on the exam (at least not in a significant amount).






                          Good luck!



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                            SAR1124 Novice


                            Thank you