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    VMware Training

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          not sure if this is the proper area to post this question, but I am interested in taking some VMware training courses and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on where to start (what is a good course, training center...etc).



      We just started implementing ESX at my company and planning on using it for several functions (IT, CS, Engineering...etc).

      Any help would be appreciated - I am in the Silicon Valley area. Thanks.






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          This is probably a good place to start:






          Also, you can find courses through your suppliers, for example, Dell offers VMware training.



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            Good course might depend on your level of experence with VMware products. The VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure course is usually a pretty good place to start and you can view the datasheet for that class by going to this link http://mylearn.vmware.com/descriptions/EDU%20DATASHEET%20VI3.5%20InstallAndConfigure3.pdf




            There are several training locations that are close to you just view the course catalog and find one that is close to you.

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              Depends what's your goal, if you just want to learn how to manage ESX infrastructure without paying than reading VMware documents online and access http://www.vmware-land.com/ you can pretty get a lot of resources you need.  Attending the course provided by VMware Authorize Training Center is basically a requirements for your VMware Certified Professional if you intended to be certified.  If you already played and deployed ESX at your company, I would personally suggest reading and play with a sandbox more often and post questions or lurks around this VMTN forum you'll get almost things you need.



              There might be independent trainers like Mike Laverick, Edward Haletky and people from VMtrainers.com could help you as well if you contact them.  I believe Mike Laverick has the most experience in teaching and author of awesome VI3 Advance Technical Design Guide will be release soon you should buy this if you're really want to know about ESX.



              I would invested 2 ESX sandbox and build a great lab at home playing with HA ,DRS, VMotion, VCB, Update Manager and VDI to start with and learn more advance stuff when you got along.  Here are some great blogs that have great stuff.


              1. http://www.xtravirt.com/

              2. http://www.yellow-bricks.com/

              3. http://www.petri.co.il/

              4. http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/

              5. http://www.dabcc.com/

              6. http://www.vmprofessional.com/

              and much more just surf and learn.


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