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    virtual center support

    woodycollins Enthusiast

      So I have been reading up on some of the FAQ's and one of the questions / statements says:


      "allows future versions of vmware virtualcenter to concurrently manage esx server and vmware server 2.0 hosts"


      So does this mean virtual center can manage the vmware server 2.0 beta hosts?

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          Officially, there is no current version of VirtualCenter 2.x that can manage Server 2.0 hosts.  This is mainly because Server 2.0 is still in Beta, QA coverage has been limited, there is no documentation to support you and you will not be able to open up a VC SR with support, etc.  However, as a PROOF OF CONCEPT ONLY (non-production, see caveats above), you should be able to add Server 2.0 Beta 2 host(s) to VC 2.5.  When adding the Server 2.0 Beta 2 hosts, make sure that you use <ip_address>:<tcp_port_number>.   Until we get the final GA version of Server 2.0 out, we will be unable to lock down a VC release that will officially support Server 2.0.






          Good luck!









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            elueckel Lurker





            what about Virtual Center 1.4.1 for VMWare Server? We have bought Virtual Center 1.4 to manage our VMware Server, but I cannot connect the 2.0 one.



            What is the plan here?









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              Not compatible since the underlying kernel for Server 2 (more ESX like) is different than Server 1 (more GSX like).  You can only manage Server 1.0.x hosts with VC for VMware Server