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    Broker that supports LDAP ?

    jose_maria_gonzalez Master


      Hi there,



      Is there any broker out there that uses LDAP (e.g. from Novel or Red Hat Linux) instead of Active directory to identify users?









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          markbenson Master
          VMware Employees

          VDM 2.0 requires that the VDM Connection Servers are joined to an AD Domain, but most people who use (say) Novell eDirectory as their primary LDAP directory install an AD environment for VDM and perform synchronization between eDirectory and AD so that eDirectory remains the primary source for authentication and user and group management etc. This works well.


          VDM also uses LDAP (ADAM) as its internal configuration repository.



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            Leostream Novice





            Sorry for the late reply. But, if you are still looking for a Connection Broker that works with Novell eDirectory, or any other custom LDAP system based on OpenLDAP, you may consider Leostream.   The Leostream Connection Broker provides user authentication and single sign-on for these authentication servers.



            In addition, Leostream provides support for your existing VMware infrastructure. It runs as a virtual appliance within a number of VMware virtualization layer (such as ESX or vSphere), and can be used to manage and assign the VMs in any of these hypervisors.



            Hope this helps,