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    VMware guest machines "freeze" and then start again, then "freeze" etc.

    TimAlsop Enthusiast


      I have installed on a Windows Server 2003 x64 server, with 2 x quad pentium cpu's + 16gb ram.



      I have 3 x guest machines and I can access them via ssh (for linux guest) and using Windows RDP for Windows guests. Whilst using each of the machines I noticed that the responses are good, and then the guest seems to freeze and become unresponsive and then it comes back to life again shortly afterwards.



      I decided to check using ping and I found that all guest machines are freezing at exact same time, so it must be due to the VMware server software stopping to give the guest machines a slice of CPU or resources ?



      I have tried rebooting, but this does not change anything. I have also turned off debug on each guest and turned off logging in case this was having some performance hit. I have also tried checking the cpu usage on server using task manager, and when the guest machines freeze I don't notice any peak in cpu or memory usage.



      Any ideas ?