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    Installing Solaris 10-1/08 on beta 2 VMware-server-e.x.p-84186.x86_64 has taken over 24hours to get to 70% so far!!!

    LouisB Lurker

      Setup - Centos 5.1 64bit on dual core Xeon with VT enabled.


      I'd recently installed solaris 10-1/08 on the exact same set up as above using vmware server 2.0 beta build 63231, but I made the mistake of setting the disk too small (10Gb). So, this first time I installed it, I left it over night, probably < 10 hours and it was installed perfectly and it ran quite well once installed. Even though installation was slow, I could live with it.



      But, since resizing solaris disks is "tricky" I thought I'd try setting it up again, taking the oportunaty to upgrade to vmware server 2.0 beta 2 and I resized the vm disk to 30Gb.



      Now, I've left the installation well over 24hours and it's still churning away :s The only things that have changed are:



      a) upgrade to 2.0 beta 2 build 84186 from beta build 63231



      b) resizing of the disk image from 10 to 3Gb



      Does anyone know if the beta 2 release is significantly slower, or that the larger disk as killed the performance? It's installing from a virtual CD ISO on the host machine (only way I think you can with 2.0 beta at the moment?).



      I'm not really sure what to do, but I've come this far so I might as well try and wait for it to complete. I hope the running performance is better, I was reasonably happy with the performance under build 63231



      I do notice the beta 2 is build in debug mode which obviously slows it down, I'd not checked the previous version but I assume it was also debug?



      any advice would be appreciated



      PS: going from build 63231 to 84186 has fixed the Firefox console plugin issues for me and generally the management interface looks much better now!