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    ESX3.5 Qlogic iSCSI QLE4062C  ESX-boot takes 15 minutes due to qla4022 could not initialize

    harry Novice


      Need to prepare ESX-Server 3.5 offsite without ISCSI-Storage available. Boot from internal disk. I followed KB1004051 and made shure bootmode DHCP is disabled in iSCSI BIOS.



      Anyhow  I was not able even to install ESX3.5 from CD because QLA4022 driver wants to initiate. I went again into ISCSI BIOS and set IPV4 to NO. This helped me to install ESX3.5 succesfully.

      But I made a test and switched  ISCSI BIOS IPV4 back to YES and now a boot  takes about 15 min to come up with message: Initialization for qla4022 failed with -19 meaning qla4022 driver is not loaded.  Must I connect the iSCSI HBAs to the iSCSI Storage-Ports  to get out of this behaviour ?  Will it be sufficient if qla4022-driver will find the initiator's IP without LUNs mapped ?  I do not know this behaviour when connection FC-HBAs.



      Regards Harry



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