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    Server 1.0x/2 and USB support

    hitman101 Lurker

      I have used server 1.0x for some time and am frustrated by the poor support/performance for/of external devices particularly USB and Firewire and also newer technologies like eSata.


      I was hoping to upgrade to Server 2.0 which I understand should change things. I am staggered by the apparent lack of progress with Server 2.0 which I can only assume by the lack of a new Beta or RTM means that we are unlikely to see Server 2.0 this year.


      Will VMWare be upset if I defect to another emulator platform?


      For those who want better support for USB without necessarily upgrading can I suggest they try something like "Nikkai 4-port USB Network Server" (UK) link below. As the name suggests you can plug in most USB-2 peripherals into this box, then connect your physical/virtual PC's to the usb devices over the LAN - negating the need to rely on VMWare's support of direct connected USB devices!


      The only issues I forsee with this is connecting USB Disks or other high bandwidth devices (usb tuners, video capture etc). This box also only supports 10/100  so performance may suffer occasionally, and is only supported by windows not linux. There may be other similar/better specified/supportted devices out there somewhere!?




      Haven't tried it myself yet but I plan to soon