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    Web UI on MAC OSX?

    Tin Soldier Lurker

      I actually really like the Web UI, but I would love to see it work on the Mac.  Just wondering if a firefox plugin could be modded for it or something?  We run all linux servers and Mac Laptops so it would be awesome to admin the servers without needing some kind of Windows.

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          Paul Thomas Master


          The safari browser does not work, however I think firefox should.  I've not tried it on the mac, but firefox on windows does work.  The browser does need to be run on a 32bit windows os, 64bit versions fail to install the plugin.






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            Tin Soldier Lurker

            On my machine, it does not even try to install the plugin.  Just shows the black vmware screen and thats it.   Is there a way to manually install the plugin?

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              phofmann Novice





              I have the very same problem. I tried Safari (witch obviously doesn't work), Camino and the new Firefox 3 beta. All didn't make any move to install the plugin, they not even showed me that there is a plugin to install.



              I am really looking forward to this because I hate to boot up a VM with Windows just to run the VMware Console for the VMware Server 1.0.x









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                sej7278 Enthusiast

                as a linux user who has just bought a mac to play with, i was astounded to see that yet again my operating system won't work with vmware server 2. its definite that its windows and 32-bit only.


                personally i'm going to standardise on parallels i think as they have mac and linux versions with a console and no web gui and they're a lot cheaper than workstation+fusion. i only use windows within a vm, so there's no way i'm using a product that requires windows to start those vm's!

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                  Paul Thomas Master

                  I managed to get mac osx running as a guest VM, however I think my install disk is a developers copy with debugging built in.  It does work, but it is very slow, so its not really useable.  It did give me an opportunity to have a play with a mac, and I liked it and went out to buy one.

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                    Tin Soldier Lurker

                    I think this is becoming scewed.  I have no desire to run mac as a VM.  I own a mac and want to manage my VM on my linux server.  I too have Parellels, but it's annoying to boot that up just to run the VM console for 10 minutes.  Currently I am logging into the Windows 2003 Server via RDP and then running Firefox to use the WebUI.